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What are closed-end funds?

Closed-end funds are the type of mutual funds that come with a lock-in period. Moreover, you can only subscribe to these funds when they issue their initial shares through an NFO (New Fund Offering). You can redeem your units only once the lock-in period is over. Some closed-end funds, however, convert into open-ended funds once the lock-in period ends.

Benefits of Closed-End Mutual Funds

The potential for active fund management is a major advantage for investors in closed-end mutual funds. It allows fund managers to make tactical but informed decisions with no challenges due to the constant cash flow of the capital. Furthermore, this closed structure can result in unique opportunities in the market since the fund’s market price may stray away from its Net Asset Value (NAV). This divergence creates opportunities for investors seeking value through their trading platform.

Top Closed-End Funds in India

For those exploring investment options in India, closed-end funds present a compelling choice within the trading platform. Some examples of closed-end funds in India are 

ICICI Prudential Growth Fund Series 1
SBI Tax Advantage Fund – Series III – Regular Plan
Reliance FHF XXV Series 15
HDFC FMP 793D Feb 2014 (1) Reg

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