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Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming IPOs refers to a list of companies from whom an IPO is expected however the finer details such as price bands, issue prices, quantities etc. may not be clear. These are decided basis the DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) being sent by the company to SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India) and the latter’s updation of DRHP status. A DRHP showcases the company’s willingness to be listed and contains information about their operations/intended use of capital raised via IPO. Alternatively they may also include the IPO listings with all these details but for a date in the future.

Generally one cannot apply for an upcoming IPO without the details such as its price band, minimum order quantity being declared. You should wait for the IPO to open or in some cases for pre-application (this generally occurs closer to the IPO opening date) to be open when applying for the IPO. In either case you will need to mention the number of lots you intend to invest in and once the IPO opens, approve the mandate sent by the exchange.

The list of upcoming IPOs helps investors estimate and keep a look out for future investment opportunities, as well as gauge their approximate investment allocation closer to IPO launch.

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