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Can I buy and redeem Mutual Funds after market hours?

Yes, mutual funds can be bought or redeemed after market hours through various online platforms or mobile applications that offer 24/7 access to mutual fund transactions.

When can you buy mutual funds? Mutual fund buying and selling time

Mutual fund orders can be placed anytime during the day, including after market hours. However, the execution of these orders depends on the mutual fund's cutoff time for processing transactions.

When are mutual funds orders executed?

Depending on the type of mutual funds, there are cut-off timings for their orders. Usually, it is 3 pm on a business day. Mutual fund orders placed after market hours are executed on the next trading day. The actual settlement of the transaction may take one or two additional days, depending on the mutual fund company's policies.

Calculating the price of a mutual fund at the time of settlement

At the time of settlement, the price of the mutual fund is calculated based on the net asset value (NAV) of the fund on the day of execution. NAV is typically determined at the end of each trading day.

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