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Everything that is, was once just imagined.
Ventura Securities, was conceived as an idea between two college friends over a pint of beer. Hemant Majethia and Sajid Malik, two CA students, cultivated a vision: to contribute significantly to India’s financial literacy.

28 years later, Ventura has forged its own landscape built on Majethia and Malik’s primary values: to put customer interest above everything, and to harness technology to its fullest to shine a light on the very best investment and trading solutions for its clients. Over the years, Ventura has been quick to adapt and master the art of keeping up with the evolving nature of technology — and utilising it to its full potential.

What started as a company consisting of only 4 people, in a small, dimly lit office — expanded to more than 1000 beaming employees in a dynamic and out of the box environment. Growing immensely over the years, Ventura’s customer base is now present in more than 90% of PIN codes across the country. But at the heart of it all, Ventura Securities is nothing but a dream realised. A dream to deliver impeccable precision to help the growth and financial health of our customers.

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