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The Indian IT sector has been a major growth driver for the Indian economy, boasting consistent growth and innovation. Capitalising on this potential, Navi Mutual Fund has launched the Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO, an open-ended New Fund Offer. This blog dives into the details of the Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO, explores its investment strategy, and analyses its potential benefits and considerations for investors. If you invest in mutual funds and are looking to diversify your investments, this blog is for you.

What is the Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO?

  • Investment Objective: This fund aims to replicate the performance of the Nifty IT Index, a benchmark index that tracks the performance of the top IT companies listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).
  • Passive Management: The fund employs a passive investment strategy, meaning it invests in the same proportion of stocks as the Nifty IT Index. This approach aims to mirror the index's returns, minus the fund's expense ratio.
  • Open and Close Dates: The NFO for the Navi Nifty IT Index Fund is open for subscription from March 14th, 2024, to March 18th, 2024.
  • Minimum Investment: The minimum investment amount is ₹14,300 (for 20 shares), making it accessible to a broader range of investors.
  • Listing: The fund is expected to be listed on the BSE and NSE by March 21st, 2024.

Features of the Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO

  • Exposure to Leading Tech Companies: This fund provides investors with exposure to the top IT companies in India, offering diversification and the potential to benefit from the growth of the Indian IT sector.
  • Low-Cost Investment: Index funds typically have lower expense ratios compared to actively managed funds. This translates to potentially higher returns for investors over the long term.
  • Professional Management: Navi Mutual Fund manages the fund, ensuring adherence to the investment strategy and regulatory compliance.
  • Transparency and Predictability: The fund tracks a well-established index, offering transparency in its holdings and predictable performance that closely mirrors the index.

Considerations for investors

  • Passive Investing Approach: Investors seeking to outperform the market through active stock selection might find this fund less suitable.
  • Market Volatility: The IT sector, like any other, is susceptible to market fluctuations. Investors should have a moderate to high-risk tolerance.
  • Long-Term Investment Horizon: This fund is recommended for investors with a long-term investment horizon (ideally 5-10 years or more) to benefit from potential market cycles and compound returns.
  • Diversification: While the fund offers diversification within the IT sector, consider including it as part of a well-diversified portfolio across asset classes to mitigate overall risk.

Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO compared to peers

  • Expense Ratio: Compare the expense ratio of the Navi Nifty IT Index Fund with similar index funds offered by other mutual fund houses. A lower expense ratio translates to potentially higher returns.
  • Tracking Error: Evaluate the historical tracking error of the fund manager in replicating the performance of the Nifty IT Index. A lower tracking error indicates a closer alignment with the index.


The Navi Nifty IT Index Fund NFO offers a convenient and potentially cost-effective way for investors to gain exposure to the high-growth Indian IT sector through mutual fund investments. By understanding the investment strategy, its benefits and considerations, investors can make an informed decision about whether this NFO aligns with their mutual fund investment goals and risk tolerance. Remember, thorough research and consulting a financial advisor can be valuable steps before you invest in mutual funds.

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