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Hold on to your rattles and stuffed animals, folks! FirstCry, India's leading baby and kids' products retailer, is back in the IPO game. After its initial draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) faced scrutiny from SEBI, the market regulator, FirstCry has resubmitted its documents with more detailed financials. Let's delve into the revised plans, what to expect, and the potential implications for investors.

FirstCry IPO details: round two

  • Fresh Issue and Offer for Sale (OFS): FirstCry aims to raise Rs. 1,816 crore through a fresh issue of equity shares. Existing shareholders, including Mahindra and Mahindra, TPG, and Premji Invest, will also be looking to offload some of their holdings through an OFS component worth up to Rs. 5,44 crore.
  • Revised Financials: The DRHP reveals FirstCry's revenue for the nine months ending December 2023 was Rs. 4,814 crore, with a net loss of Rs. 278 crore. While the revenue figures offer some insight, profitability remains a key question for potential investors.
  • Omnichannel Focus: FirstCry highlights its omnichannel strategy, with approximately 77% of sales generated online and the remaining 23% through its offline retail stores. This approach caters to the evolving shopping preferences of Indian consumers.
  • Valuation Ambitions: While the final valuation is yet to be determined, earlier reports suggested FirstCry's IPO could be sized around $500 million (approximately Rs. 4,163 crore).

Questions for investors

  • Profitability Path: FirstCry's consistent losses raise concerns about its path to profitability. Investors will be keen to understand the company's strategies for achieving sustainable growth and positive cash flow before they make a decision about their IPO investment.
  • Competition: The baby and kids' products segment is witnessing increasing competition from established players and online marketplaces. How FirstCry plans to differentiate itself and maintain market share will be crucial.
  • Macroeconomic Factors: Rising inflation and potential economic slowdown could impact consumer spending on discretionary items like baby products. Investors need to consider these external factors when evaluating the IPO.

Potential benefits of FirstCry IPO

  • Growth Potential: The Indian baby and kids' products market is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. A successful IPO could provide FirstCry with the capital needed to fuel its expansion plans.
  • Investment in Omnichannel Strategy: The IPO could provide resources for FirstCry to strengthen its omnichannel presence, potentially enhancing customer reach and brand visibility.
  • Liquidity for Existing Investors: The IPO will offer an exit opportunity for existing shareholders, allowing them to unlock value from their investments.

The road ahead

With the revised DRHP filed, FirstCry inches closer to its IPO launch. Here's what to watch out for:

  • SEBI Approval: SEBI's green light is crucial for the IPO to proceed. The regulator will scrutinise the revised financials and overall business plan.
  • Pre-IPO Anchor Round: FirstCry might seek additional capital through a pre-IPO placement with institutional investors before the public offering.
  • Market Conditions: Overall market sentiment and performance of similar IPOs will influence investor interest in FirstCry's offering.


FirstCry's refilled IPO documents offer more clarity on its financial performance and future plans. While the company boasts strong revenue figures, the path to profitability remains a question mark. Investors should carefully analyse the company's financials, competitive landscape, and overall growth strategy before making investment decisions. This IPO is definitely one to watch for in the Indian consumer sector, with the potential to unlock significant growth for FirstCry and reshape the baby and kids' products market in the country.

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