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The world of options trading is a realm brimming with diverse strategies, each catering to different risk appetites and potential rewards. One strategy that stirs up excitement and trepidation in equal measure is the "Hero Zero" trade. This blog delves into the intricacies of Hero Zero trades, exploring their mechanics, potential benefits, and inherent risks.

What is a hero zero trade?

The Hero Zero trade, also known as the "all-or-nothing" trade, involves buying a very cheap option contract with a low strike price (for calls) or a high strike price (for puts). Due to their low price, these options typically have a very short expiration period, often expiring within the same day (intraday) or the next day.

How does a hero zero trade?

  • Option Selection: Traders typically select options with a high delta (for calls) or a low delta (for puts), meaning a small price movement in the underlying asset can lead to a significant change in the option price.
  • Low Premium: The key characteristic of a Hero Zero trade is the low premium paid for the option contract. This low cost allows for the potential of high returns if the trade goes in the trader's favour.
  • Short Expiry: These options are typically played for a very short time frame, often expiring within the same day or the next day. This short time horizon necessitates a significant move in the underlying asset price for the option to become profitable.

Potential for high returns

The allure of the Hero Zero trade lies in its potential for outsized returns:

  • Magnified Profits: Since the initial premium is low, even a small increase in the option price can translate into a significant percentage return.
  • Limited Risk: The limited premium paid acts as a defined risk, meaning the maximum potential loss is capped at the initial investment.

A high risk proposition

However, the potential for high rewards comes with a hefty dose of risk:

  • Low Probability of Success: Due to the low delta and short expiry, the probability of the option price experiencing a significant move in the desired direction is low.
  • Time Decay: As time passes towards expiry, the value of the option inherently decays, even if the underlying asset price remains stagnant. This "time decay" can significantly erode potential profits.
  • Psychological Stress: The short time frame and potential for large losses can lead to significant psychological stress for the trader.

Who should consider hero zero trades?

Hero Zero trades are best suited for experienced options traders who:

  • Possess a High Risk Tolerance: The potential for significant losses necessitates a strong stomach for risk.
  • Understand Options Mechanics: A thorough understanding of option pricing and greeks (delta, theta, etc.) is crucial.
  • Have a Strict Risk Management Strategy: Define clear entry and exit points, and adhere to stop-loss orders to manage risk effectively.

Alternatives to hero zero trades

For those seeking a less risky approach to options trading, consider:

  • Spreads: Spreads involve buying and selling options contracts simultaneously, limiting the potential profit but also reducing the risk compared to a single option purchase.
  • Covered Calls: This strategy involves selling a call option while already owning the underlying asset, generating income from the option premium while limiting potential upside.


The Hero Zero trade offers a high-risk, high-reward proposition. While it can potentially yield significant returns, the low probability of success and the psychological pressure can be significant drawbacks. Consider your risk tolerance, options trading experience, and alternative strategies before venturing into the realm of Hero Zero trades. Remember, responsible options trading involves a well-defined strategy, proper risk management, and a healthy dose of caution.