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Ola Electric, a leading player in India's burgeoning electric two-wheeler market, has received the green light from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to launch the country's first-ever EV startup IPO. This blog dives into the details of the upcoming IPO, explores the company's current state, and analyses the potential rewards and risks for investors.

Ola Electric IPO details

  • Fresh Issue: Ola Electric aims to raise Rs 5,500 crore through the issuance of new shares. This fresh capital infusion will fuel future growth initiatives.
  • Offer for Sale (OFS): Existing shareholders will also offer 95.2 million shares for sale, providing an opportunity for partial exits for early investors.

Ola’s $6 billion valuation dream

Ola Electric reportedly seeks a valuation of $6 billion through this IPO. This ambitious target reflects the company's confidence in its future prospects and the potential of the Indian electric vehicle market.

Challenges for Ola Electric 

However, Ola Electric's journey isn't without obstacles. Recent reports indicate a planned workforce reduction of over 600 employees across various departments, hinting at cost-cutting measures. Additionally, leadership changes at its sister company, Ola Cabs, with CEO and CFO exits, raise questions about stability.

Market leadership and growth potential

Despite these challenges, Ola Electric remains the frontrunner in the Indian electric two-wheeler market. The company boasts over 37,000 scooters sold and a dominant 50% market share as of May 2024. Notably, the overall two-wheeler market has witnessed significant growth (33% in FY24), with Ola Electric capturing nearly a third of those sales. This robust market expansion and Ola Electric's leading position paint a promising picture for future growth.

Investor takeaway

The upcoming Ola Electric IPO presents an exciting opportunity for investors to participate in the burgeoning Indian EV revolution through this IPO investment. However, a cautious approach is warranted. Investors should carefully consider the following factors:

  • Growth Potential: The Indian electric two-wheeler market holds immense potential, and Ola Electric's current market leadership is a positive sign.
  • Financial Health: The company's planned workforce reduction and leadership changes raise concerns about financial stability. A thorough analysis of Ola Electric's financials is crucial.
  • Valuation Justification: The targeted $6 billion valuation needs to be weighed against the company's current profitability and future growth prospects.


Ola Electric's IPO is a landmark event for India's EV sector. While the company exhibits strong market leadership and operates in a promising industry, potential investors must carefully assess the financial health, valuation, and overall risk profile before making a decision. This IPO is likely to be closely watched, and its success could pave the way for other EV startups to follow suit. Stay tuned for further updates as Ola Electric gears up for its high-voltage debut in the public market.