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In its third quarter of FY24 (October-December 2023), Axis Bank presented investors with a set of financial results that painted a mixed picture. While they did not meet the market estimates, let's delve into the key data points without passing judgement on their positive or negative implications.

Profitability: a gentle climb

Profitability crept upwards, marking a 4% increase year-on-year to Rs. 6,071 crore. Net interest income, the engine driving this growth, hummed along at Rs. 12,532 crore, 9% fatter than last year. However, the net interest margin decreased from 4.26% to 4.01%.

Growth: a two-speed tale

Advances saw strong growth, expanding 22% year-on-year and 4% quarter-on-quarter to reach Rs. 9.32 lakh crore. Meanwhile, deposits swelled to Rs. 13.98 lakh crore, an 18% annual bump and a 5% quarterly hop. But beneath this seemingly harmonious growth, a subtle story unfolds. Retail deposits, the lifeblood of stable funding, grew at a respectable 16%, while wholesale deposits, often volatile and interest-rate sensitive, saw a more muted rise.

Asset quality: a patchwork of progress

The non-performing assets (NPAs) saw a welcome decline, shrinking from 2.79% to 2.53%. This signals improved credit quality, though the battle is far from over. The bank's provision coverage ratio stands at a reassuring 153%, offering a safety net against potential loan losses.

Beyond the headlights: a flickering spotlight

While these headline numbers grab the spotlight, don't ignore the supporting cast. Fee income, the bank's alternative earnings stream, saw a healthy 29% annual jump and a 4% quarterly rise. Operating profit grew a steady 8%. And the credit cost, the price of bad loans, remained low at 0.28%.


Analyse Axis Bank's Q3 results in the context of the broader economy, your investment goals, and your risk appetite. Then, and only then, can you decipher the message hidden within these financial brushstrokes.

So, dear reader, arm yourself with financial acumen, delve deeper into the data, and paint your own interpretation of Axis Bank's Q3 story. Remember, the numbers whisper, but it's up to you to listen and translate their true meaning.

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