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What do the details given in the calls mean & how do I use them?

Details in the calls consist of various parameters that need to be taken care before trading or investing. It consists of Expected Profit, Target, Stop Loss, Holding Horizon and Quantity/Lots.

Expected Profit is the absolute profit that can be made for the selected quantity or lots. Holding horizon is relevant for investing calls, it states the period for which the stock needs to be held. Target is the price at which the direction favourable and the recommendation is closed. Stop Loss is the price at which the direction is against the recommendation and it is closed.

IPOs have the details of Price Band, Market lots and Investment Amount. Price Band is the lower and upper limit of the stock price within which the company will sell its shares to IPO applicants. Market lot is the pre-determined minimum quantity of stocks to apply for. Investment amount changes in accordance with the number of market lots.

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