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What is Top Gainers?

A gainer is a stock that increases its value over the course of one trading session. So, this particular security would have a higher closing price at the close of the market than it did at the open. Naturally, if the indices are rising, there are more top gainers in the share market than losers. 

NSE Top Gainers: Determining Factor

NSE updates the top gainers of a particular trading session on a real-time basis. The list of top gainers is created and updated in an ascending order, starting with the the asset that has gained the most down to the least gaining stock. The only determining factor is the percentage change and the list is updated on the NSE website under “Top Gainers Today”. 

Navigating NSE India’s Gainers List

The list of Top Gainers offers a quick insight into stocks showing the maximum momentum. It helps you plan your trades. The top gainers, however, are not analysed simply by the change in price but also by the volume. A gain in a security’s price supported by a significant volume also expresses a strong trend. It helps a trader understand the movement better.

How to Buy Top Gainers Shares on NSE

You can buy the Top Gainers shares on NSE through an online stock trading platform like Ventura. In addition to the NSE India website, you can find the Top Gainers on Ventura as well. You can simply look at the insights, add them to your watch list, or directly place a buy order for the asset.

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